Caillou YouTube Poops are a large number of the videos on YouTube poop. As of January 2012 there are around 624 Caillou YouTube Poop videos and 10 in German and 5 in Spainsh and Arabic with Caillou joins the circus being the most common episode used. Currently, Arthur is the most common show with lines from it in Caillou YouTube Poops. 6 out out of the top 10 most common episodes with YouTube Poop videos made out of them are in Season 1. None of the top 10 episode are in Season 3.

2012 10 most used episodesEdit

Most used Episodes +


Change Season
1 Caillou joins the circus - 1
2 Caillou the chef + 1 4
3 Caillou Learns to swim - 1 1
4 Caillou go strawberry picking + 8 2
5 Gilbert goes to vet + 3 2
6 Friends - 2 1
7 Caillou and the firefighter + 6 2
8 Puppet segments^ + 1 1
9 Caillou in the bathtub - 4 1
10 Teddy shirt - 4 1

+Some YouTube poops have parts from multiple episodes in this case, the episode that has the most time on the video gets counted for that video and the other episode(s) don't.

^ The ranking for the Puppet segments is the combined number of YouTube Poops with any puppet seggments since their are no specific episode titals for any of the puppet seggments. If the puppet segments aren't included in the top 10 list then the 11th most used episode Say Chesse would replace place its rank.

The change in rank is from 2011.

Caillou charcters not in any YTP videosEdit

  • Deedee
  • Jonus
  • Julie

Known YTPsEdit

  • Caillou Goes to Africa
  • Caillou Asks, Whats for Dinner, Mommy?
  • Caillou's Candy Cornhole Catastrophe
  • Caillou and the Bath
  • Miss Martin's Horrible Birthday
  • Caillous Sour Day.
  • Caillou's Ebolaween Twentyfourteen
  • Caillou has an unhealthy obsession with his T shirt and yodeling
  • Caillou hates small children