Chuck Norris is an actor who beats up people. He invented God- Oh wait, He IS God.

Characteristics Edit

Chuck Norris. Just the phrase will make Mama Luigi say HEEELLLPPP in fear. He is invincible to weegee, malleo, sonic, dr.robotnik, dr.rabbit, link, zelda, mama luigi, the king,the floating mario head, and master hand and crazy hand from super smash bros brawl. He can falcon pawnch captain falcon. He can eat kirby. He can run faster than sonic. He can say PINGAS and NO more times than dr.robotnik. He can turn weegee and malleo into chuck norris. He can be more annoying than the floating mario head. He also can drink liquid soap faster than the floating mario head. He can say DINNER faster than the king. He can kill dr.rabbit, zelda, and link. He is superior to everyone. Only the greatest youtube poopers of all time are invincible to him: WalrusGuy, SuperYoshi, and Waxinator.