If you think Doodledoug3212 was a loser, imagine him 10-1 years from now. What you'll get is something like Collaterale1. Just like many very well-known lolcows, he has a shitty MS paint persona. He also claims to be Italian.


Coolterale started his adventure on YTP Wiki in mid 2012, unfortunately, that was around the time Captain Sea Cucumber returned. Much like Doodledoug's DJ 2, he started to spread his fanboyish obsession for Cosmo the Seedrian from the god-awful Sonic X. When he and his friends started to turn the YTP WIki into a SSB Lawl fagfest, CSC showed them the REAL awesomeness of Suiseiseki and raped the whole wiki. When Collaterale saw this, he did the exact thing any grown up would do and make a hate video on YouTube. They bitched about it for days, but never fixed the pages (similar to the Shit Norriss attack). It wasn't until a random bypasser finally called the staff to have CSC banned and fix the wiki.

Collaterale1 is still on the wiki. He is currently fighting with his cronies in a troll war in which they are losing.


Coolaterale's cronies are I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE,, StevenStar777, and Syafiq Iqbal. He has many others, but these are the most prominent. They all huddle together to create numerous movesets for the characters of their imaginary franchise.


  • He claims to have a girlfriend, "Rosie". This, however, is debatable.