DJ 2 is/was Doodledoug3212's favorite fictional character. He is from Animal Jam an shitty show that nobody watches anymore.

Doodledoug was ABBASOLUTELY obsessed with him, more so than Waluigi and Banjo-Kazooie. He made up a lot of games about him such as "Super DJ 2 Galaxy" and "DJ 2 Kart" also pointing out his obsession with Nintendo games. He is also quick to defend the character, an insult to the great DJ 2 was not to be tolerated. Rather ironically, despite Doodlehead's claims of him being so godly epic, roughly only around 2% of Earth's population know who the fuck DJ 2 is.


DJ 2 Vs. WaluigiEdit

Despite Doodledoug listing the two as friends, an ever so important announcement was made on the YTP Wiki homepage revealing that the two were at war. Other than going out of his way to write this on the homepage, all he did was make "Team DJ 2" and "Team Waluigi" pages. The funny part is, nobody gave a fuck.

DJ 2 Vs. Tomo TakinoEdit

As this was the only real war, the true combatants were Doodledoug and AwesomeSeaCucumber. Doodledoug decided that since he hates Tomo, she must an enemy of DJ 2. He than changed the Tomo Takino biography in order to bring honor to the DJ of godly stature. This resulted in the ending of the bio being changed constantly and the two users taunting each other with the edits. Oddly, Doodledoug still considered ASC a friend and saviour of the wiki.