Gaston is the Hariest, Handsomest, and manliest man, in the world. [1]Edit

Gastons apperence.Edit

Gaston usually wears a red shirt, black pants and boots, a 3-shot blunderbuss, and has benn known to wear a cape. 

His personality

He was once an aviator who ejected, and nuked a tavern, he is a cannable, he likes to eat lard, taco bell, and doughnuts, and he is commonly constipated.  his sidekick is lefou, who is basicly his slave, who dispite being beaten up by gaston a lot, is always trying to please gaston, and sing about him. Lefou once stabbed gaston, and in responce gaston shot him 3 times.  gaston is the most populor man in town, and dispite this he gets depressed every once in a while, usually when he is dismissed, rejected and publicly humiliated.

Gastons Family life is mostly unknown, exept that he shot and killed his only father once, and then screamed NO.Edit

Some Famous YTPs that have him in them are...

. Gaston is a cannibal

. Gaston the aviator

. Gaston goes to kill the king

. Gaston kills his only father

. Lefou stabs Gaston

. Gaston goes on the ultamite mission to obtain some taco bell

. Gaston eats himself.