Samus Aranator was clearly a fool to erase this page in his/her own leisure. It has become clear that he has no respect for other members' profile page and what it contains. However, it is unwise to spam any person whom has done the above with hate-related respsonses on their own profile page, or respond in general with the neglegence of someone who is clearly angry and wishes nothing but a vengfull justice to be brought upon that person in the victim's own favor. It is advised to leave hi alone until further notice and most likely he will disappear and leave everyone (most especially you) alone. Please take this into consideration.

-Samus Aranator, apoligizing on Kindinner'n'more's talk page (We all know how that went...)

Samus Aranator is a member of the Brat Family, he earned his status as a Brat Family member by simply "ruining" a few already bad pages on YTP Wiki.


The "Article Destroyer"Edit

On November 2nd 2010, Samus did some trolling on Kindinner'n'more's profile page. After that, the anuses of YTP Wiki's editors were red hot with rage. They took it upon themselves to spam anti Samus Aranator categories and pages all over the place. Samus watched as they continued to throw all of this around for months after he stopped.


About a year later, Samus returned for more trolling. He vandalized a few pages with "Steve, nuff said". After doing this for a while, he left a reasonable message on AwesomeSponge's profile. He said that he meant no harm, and everything he did was just an act of boredom. Unfortunately, AS banned him for being mean. Samus Aranator has been inactive ever since that day.

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