SpongeBob (Edited) is a widely popular concept on YouTube. It usually involves existing SpongeBob episodes with curse words randomly sprinkled in it, therefore making them YouTube poops. The videos were made popular by YouTube user known as "Klusignolo".


Most SpongeBob edited episodes contain the existing audio and video, with certain parts of the audio cut out and replaced by profanity wherever possible. For example, on the edited version of Just One Bite, the "stick" part of "on a stick" is replaced by "dick". Some poops, like Grandma's Kisses (edited), leave the video in, but re-record the audio.

Other Cartoon EditsEdit

Not only is Spongebob being edited, there are other kids' shows that have been edited. Some of these include:

Fairly Odd Parents

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ed Edd n Eddy

Phineas and Ferb

Drake and Josh

Hannah Montana


Jimmy Neutron thumb|320px|right|A typical Spongebob edited video (Contains strong language)