"I am why the darkness is and was. Long ago i had 3 sons SamusAranator, ShitNorriss, and josealberto. My way was not to delete pages like a little hack but to create new ones dedicated to the darkness (banana bread). But my sons defied me and acted like little morons (their iq of 2 helped). Now that they are gone i have returned to bring the darkness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - TheGreatBratKing's speech during the beginning of his reign.

TheGreatBratKing was a troll who trolled The YouTube Poop Wiki's users and self-proclaimed father of The Brat Family (possibly as a homage to Bowser and the Koopalings). His reign of terror started on February 2011. It is obvious that TheGreatBratKing studied the shitshack that was the YouTube Poop Wiki at the time before trolling it, hence his username. His main trolling strategy was spamming the wiki with random Banana-bread related things, which pissed Doodledoug3212 off, leaving him no choice but to spam his little made-up media involving TheGreatBratKing.


Judging from his name, it is safe to say that he has been studying The YouTube Poop Wiki and it's faggotry at the time before making his move. He started his reign of horrible lulz by making several pointles pages showing of his obsession for Banana Bread (most of which suprisingly can still be found on the YouTube Poop Wiki to this day). He also posted two unrelated videos: A Huge Explosion in Toronto (probably due to Doodledoug3212's claims of The Brat Family being Canadian) and David Dies a Terrible Death. Meanwhile, a Wikia Contributor (the same one who got butthurt over other trolls such as Shit Norriss and Samus Aranator) added only ONE of them as a candidate for deletion, but was never deleted. He, of course, also started to cry and, you guessed it, edited TheGreatBratKing's profile and made it a RAEG PAEG. The page deemed the Brat King, in mature words of wisdom, "A gay Fanboy & Chum Chum fan and is suck Fanboy's penis!" and the usual claim that he's a 3 year old toddler. TheGreatBratKing in all his darkness decided that he'd milk the butthurt lolcow, so he undid his edit to his profile (this resulted in a fierce edit war) and got crackin'.


TheGreatBratKing has totally vanished from the internet (that, or he is simply using a new name) since his fun on the YouTube Poop Wiki. His YouTube account, DeviantArt account, and Wikia account have been totally abandoned. It seems likely that he got tired of the trolling and got on with his life.