The Brat Family was a group of trolls that "ruined" Youtube Poop Wiki. Their lulziness caused the regular users to go into RAEG mode and spam all over the wiki, thus being the true destroyers of it.

The members are described by the haters as screaming children. Ironically, these babies are clearly more mature than YTP Wikis regulars.


Other MembersEdit

  • MarioDeeders (Made up)
  • Skeeney Jeenz (Wannabe)
  • Spax3 (Randomly included, has nothing to do with YTP Wiki)
  • AknotholeResident (Same as Spax3)
  • Meta Knight (Randomly included, fictional)
  • Gorgonzola (Same as Meta Knight)

Wanna Be A Member?Edit

Then head on down to The YouTube Poop Wiki and start milking those cows. First, you should read about the brave heroes listed above and learn about the nature of YTP Wiki. You will be provided with the richest of lulz, and make you mark in the history of the interbuttz. Remember, you are not a member until the YTP Wikians officially corwn you as one.