The Trolls Company was an evil Organization created by DiaryDiarrheaDiorama that ruined every wikies. Their lulziness caused the regular users to go into RAGE mode and spam all over the wiki, thus being the true destroyers of it.

The members are described by the haters as screaming children. Ironically, these babies are clearly more mature than Wiki regulars.


DiaryDiarrheaDiorama(DDD for Short), The Leader

AwesomeSeaCucumber(ASC for short), The corrupt Dictator

Fake Daniel Clayton(FDC for short), The Worst Troll

Actuallyademon, The Nazi Troll(the guy who wants to destroy Video Game Fanon Wiki)

Samus Aranator, The Brute

Dic123456, The Dick Lover

Other MembersEdit

Jimmy Rustles, The Dick Troll

GabrielKaplan, The second Dick Troll

Shit norriss (A Wikia Contributor), The Canadian Guy

TheKidProductions, I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE's hater

fucksupermariologan, Ronald Lamb's hater

Minun333, The Murder of Fluttershy

sonictheimeenpootis, The traitor

Skeeney Jeenz, The second Dick Lover


ASC:To ruined YTP wiki(Mission failed)

FDC:To ruined The World of Smash Bros Lawl(Mission failed)

DDD:To hide ASC & FDC(Continue the Mission)

Actuallyademon:Ruined VGF wiki(Mission Failed)

fucksupermariologan:To kill Ronald Lamb(Mission Complete)