Ubernoob33 is an up and coming spongebob editor. His account was created in June 2009, in just that short amount of time his video views have reached a total of over 75,000 (as of 3/7/10)

Ubernoob33 Rise to SuccessEdit

The day his account was created, June 26th 2009, ubernoob33 released his first edit, Sailor Mouth. The video has reached over 20,000 views. Almost a month later, on July 25th 2009, Ubernoob33 released his second edit, Band Geeks. Ubernoob33 has not made a new edit in over 2 months, his most recent being the Krusty Krab training video, which was released in January, but the project was started in August.

Channel LinkEdit

ubernoob33 draws influence from Klusignolo, and is working on reaching his status as one of the more (im)famous of all time.

Please Enjoy his videos